States we have visited so far!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thinking of Gulfport,MS and New Orleans!

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those along the Gulf Coast.  It brings back all those wonderful people and beautiful buildings we met down there on our trip.

Good luck!  And thanks for all the wonderful memories.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We did arrive home safe and sound!

And life has taken over again.  But we will be slowly but surely add more details on our trip. 

One of the hardships we had to endure was the lack of internet service in many of our campsites so Cathy couldn't load photos for the blog. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

DAY 27 New York to Ohio

Day 27
We left Halmin Beach State Park - New York.  

It was raining so hard we took our group picuture in the RV.
 What a drive.  We were driving in hard rain and lightening was straight ahead of us.  

We saw 4 lightening strikes hit the ground.  Thankfully we turned in direction and got away from it all.

When we got to Niagra Falls, the sky's were beautiful.  Wow what a sight!

 The falls were incredible! We took a boat our to see the falls and got wonderfully wet.  Unfortantly Mandy had a stomach ache but her and Coletta were able to get a later boat out.  We were so glad to be able to see the falls.  Just Beautiful and fun!  

Unfortunately, we got on the road late which meant getting to our campsite late.  No time to play in Lake Erie.

DAY 26 New York

Day 26
We left Glimmerglass SP and head off to
Herkimer Dimond Mines, NY

 Wow did we have a great time.  This place was awesome!  Everyone got hammers and you go out into this big rock field and just pick up rock and start hammering them.  After a while we were able figure out which rock had gems in them.  It was so much fun to crack one open and out comes gems.  The kids loved it but Luke needed a motrum afterwards from swinging that hammer so much.  
We then headed off to
 Hamlin State Park, NY

 This will be our home for the night.  

The Teens had a great time at the beach

DAY 25 Springfield, New York

DAY 25

I got up early to bring George to the airport.
I am so going to miss him.  
 It was so awesome to have him on the trip with us and I wish he could do the whole thing.
  I then met up with the rest of the gang and headed off for Glimmerglass State Park.
  We had a relaxing time in our campground.

Day 23 Slice of America 2

Sunday, July 8, 2012

DAY 24

Day 24

We drove to the train station and and got on a train to Boston.  That was so easy.  When we got off at our station there was a full orchastra playing patrotic music and the atmosphere was one huge party.  It was so fun!  We walked the Freedom trail.
  We could still hear music at the end of God Bless America two fighter jet flew over really low.  Wow that was amazing!  We went to the North End and had Italian food...Mmmmm.  Then we headed off to see the USS Constitution
 but unfortantly it was closing for the day.  We stayed around the dock and enjoyed the view of all the big ships in the Boston Harbor.  We then headed towards the area where the Boston POPs were playing
.  We found a nice spot on the lawn and just relaxed listening to Jennifer Hudson and the Boston POPs.  It was Amazing!.  It started to get dark and they were building up to the beginning of the fireworks.  20 mins before it was to begin we heard a loud speaker announce that everyone had to evacuation because there was a huge lightening storm coming right over us.  There were soooo many people and they wanted us to take shelter under bridges.  Yeah right!  We immediately went into the Bathrooms.  Unfortunately, lots of people to refuge in the bathrooms as well and it got so hot and humid. After about 40 min we were finally allowed to go back and they started the fireworks.  

I have never been to such an amazing firework show.  People were so patriotic and we felt like we were at a huge party.  As soon as the fireworks started it also started to rain.  
I mean RAIN!!!
  It was pouring and were all were drenched but no one cared it made it that much better.  What a great experience! 

Time for the train ride back...with thousands of others at the same time.  There were so many people, we came up with a plan to have everyone hold hands so we wouldn't get lost. As soon as the first train opened its door we all got push into the train and separated.  

Timothy was in front of me and we were right near the doors and the crown kept pushing to get in.  There was no more room on the train. everyone was touching someone else that is how close we were.  The crowd just kept pushing.  I was so scared for Tim, he was crying and I thought he was going to be crushed and suffocate.  I became mama bear and took my body and shoved against the crowed and was trying tell them there was a child on board.  Thank God the door finally shut.  At the next few stations we would have to live that scene all over.  They didn't care if there were people all the way to the door they still wanted in. It was really scary.  But then the train started to clear out and we had a fun ride home.  We all were so excited still about our Boston experience.  It was the Best!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 18 and 19 Video Washington DC

Day 19 Smithsonian

 We left camp in Maryland early and headed in to Washington, DC, leaving Lucy, the RV at camp and going in in the van.  It was going to be a very hot day, 110 degrees factoring in the humidity.  We will be in the museums today, with air conditioning!

 We split up into 2 groups and started exploring.  The kids especially enjoyed the Museum of Natural History!

 Timmy and the dinosaur having a little chat.

There were surprises around every corner.

And the sculpture garden is always interesting.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Days 15 & 16 Video Williamsburg, VA

Day 16 Williamsburg, VA

A Day at Coloial Williamsburg

The Govenor's Palace
The "Green" in front of the Govenor's Palace

A house along the Main Street

The Stocks:  After checking it out Ben got a kick out of seeing brother Luke in the stocks!

The Govenor's wife on a shopping trip
And the Govenor accompanying her
Lunch like in the old days! - Turkey legs

Not crossed swords, but crossed turkey legs!
 And the Govenor accompanying her.
Colonial transportaiton
A shop keeper
Parliment Building

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 13 Slice of America 2 video

DAY 13 - Chewacla Park, AL to Gaffney KOA, GA

This was a drive day.  We woke up and headed off from Alabama to Georgia.  We made a stop in Union City, Georgia

It felt like home :-)  (Grandma's note: that is because Cathy is from Union City, California so "Union City", GA made them think of home!)

 We asked a man at a gas station where we could find some Georgia of our followers got us all hepped up for them so our quest was to find some!  The man asked his dad and they directed us off to the farmer's market down the road. 

  Mmmm good stuff.

 And did we hit the produce jackpot!

 And see!  We found our peaches!

Grandma's note:  It just so happened this was our 50th anniversary.  My dear hubby had arranged for Cathy to get flowers on his behalf and present them to me,   Unfortunately we didn't have a pretty vase for them though.
Somewhere along here we lost Lucy's gas cap.  After we bought a new one I came up with this idea to avoid loosing another one.  VALCRO!  One on the cap and one on the side of the worked, didn't loose another one!

  Once we arrived at Gaffney KOA, GA, we heard a lot of thunder and asked the manager  if it was going to rain. He said "Oh no, only 20% chance and it always rained over on that side and misses us."  About 15 minutes later...yup, a major downpour.  2 Inches of rain in an hour.  We all hunkered down in Lucy and watch our trip videos and ate dinner...that was fun.

Then it was over and there was a beautiful sunset!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 12 Slice of America 2 video

DAY 12 - Shepard St Pk, MS to Chewacla ST PK, AL

Before leaving Shepard State Park this morning we checked on the Tropical Cyclone Debbie
 to see if it was coming our way or not.  It was!  and we didn't even have hot dogs!  We decided to still go into Florida's Pensicola Beach anyway, but just for an hour.  The waves were really big and strong!  
The kids had fun in the sand and the water. 
We then left and headed up towards Alabama to Chewacla State Park where we camped for the night.